Buying a Home

The US Virgin Islands consist of three major inhabited, islands and numerous small rocks and islands that are largely uninhabited. St. Thomas and St. John are the best known of the three, but St. Croix, which lies 40 miles to the South, is the largest.

In the U.S. Virgin Islands, as opposed to the British Virgin Islands, we are protected by the U.S. Constitution and our laws regarding Virgin Islands Real Estate protect you as an owner just as they would in the United States. You wont need a “local” partner, nor a license, nor a trustee to own your Condo or Home or plot of land, or to have a business.

House and Condo prices have leveled as we feel the effect of the market on the Eastern Seaboard – click on the Newsboy on the left for a detailed report.  The listings you will find on the website below are Current and come directly from our Multiple Listing Services on St. Croix and St. Thomas.  Also on this site you can find information about schools, clubs, entertainment, sports, you name it.

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