I completed the marathon!! In lots of pain but am so pleased I finished! Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your work and support over the last few months. I won’t be running again but am hoping to keep some kind of fitness up! I’ll keep in mind all the advice you gave me


You will be glad to hear I completed the race in 4hrs 42 mins & 38 seconds, without stopping/walking or tripping over a bridge injuring my ankle again. Afterward my ankle was about 3 x the size but is finally starting to feel normal and better (and I think the swelling is going down). Thanks very much for you help – I doubt I could of done it without you and


Guess what?…. We won 37-06 at in the final at Twickenham!!!!! What a great day and to top it off, I scored after being on the pitch for 2 mins!!! I also set up the final try after making a sweet break through the middle of the pitch. It was one of the best moments of my life. Thanks very much for all your help over the last months. I could not have done it


My hip did not give me any problem what so ever and was actually was fine after the race as well. I am pleased to report that I got round in 3h 16mins and 40secs, shaving a good 11 minutes off my personal best time! Very happy with that. Will touch base with you regarding further treatment upon your return from holiday.


Just a quick email to say you worked with me on a torn calf muscle in 2009/10. It was in a really bad way, but this year, having got the calf mostly healed and building up slowly I set myself a target of 1000km of running for the year, and last week I hit it! This is the most I’ve ever done in a year, and coming off the back of thinking I was never going to be able to run again.


The marathon went fantastically well and I recorded a really decent time of 3:19hrs. I really couldn’t get to the finish and as well as I did without your help. I didn’t get a single twinge on the areas that your treated and taped. I was extremely exhausted yes and got a few near cramps in the last miles, and considering the fact that I have hardly trained at all for nearly 3 weeks this was very impressive


Just wanted to drop you a line and say many thanks for your help and treatment with my knees. Since I last saw you I’ve kept up with the exercises and slowly eased myself back into training. I would have been back for more sessions but there’s been lots going on since I last saw you (including a bout in hospital with pneumonia!) and I couldn’t get there.